5 December 2018. DrakonHub source

Now it is possible to install DrakonHub on your own server or insert DrakonHub flowchart editor in you web-application.

DrakonHub source

An online interactive demo of automata-based programming with DRAKON.

The demo

How icons in a DRAKON chart relate to real-time. Which icons block execution, which icons wait for an event.

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Professionals use DRAKON to solve complex technical and organizational problems. Nevertheless, learning the basics of DRAKON does not take much time.

This is how to make a DRAKON flowchart... Read more

24 May 2018. DRAKON Editor Web got a new name—DrakonHub

DRAKON Editor Web has moved to the new address: drakonhub.com

All diagrams and projects remain safe.

Software requirements start with a problem statement. A precise problem statement is a mandatory input for creating requirements. If the client has not provided a problem statement, write one and get the client to approve it.

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It is useful to have acceptance tests before writing the code. At least, creating acceptance tests helps us understand at an early stage whether the future program is needed at all.

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Give the DRAKON flowchart a proper name that reflects its purpose.

The name should not be too long, just long enough to convey the meaning.

If the name is too short, it will be difficult to figure out what the algorithm does. Also, it will be hard to find the diagram later on, if the name does not... Read more

In the sci-fi movie Arrival, aliens give the humanity a visual language to boost the development of our civilization. In reality, we already have powerful visual languages. Could DRAKON be one of them? Watch video