DrakonHub source

Get in touch with us to get DrakonHub source: support@drakonhub.com.

DrakonHub on your server

Run a private on-premises installation of DrakonHub on your server. Protect your confidential business knowledge and technological secrets.

DRAKON flowchart editor in your web application

Integrate our state-of-the-art flowchart editor widget in your web application.

What you get with DrakonHub source

  • The full source code of DrakonHub web application.
  • Initial help with installation and integration.
  • Email support for one year.
  • Access to new features and bug fixes for one year.

Contact us: support@drakonhub.com.

Feedback: support@drakonhub.com


Løkentoppen 21, Kolsås 1352, Norway

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