Execution of DRAKON icons in real-time


Processes are DRAKON charts that run in parallel. This is not the same as operating system processes.

Blocks execution. The DRAKON chart stops at the current icon while the icon executes. The DRAKON chart proceeds to the next icon only after the current icon completes.

Waits for an event. The DRAKON chart pauses and waits for an external event: a message from another process or the environment, a period of time to elapse, input/output, a user action, etc. The waiting can take a long time.

Dispatcher (programming only). The dispatcher manages processes.

Passes control to the dispatcher (programming only). The current icon passes control to the dispatcher. The dispatcher allows other processes to do some work and then returns control to the current DRAKON chart.

Icon Blocks execution Waits for an event Passes control to the dispatcher
Insertion Yes Depends on the target DRAKON chart Depends on the target DRAKON chart
Process No No Yes
Input Yes Yes Yes
Output No No Yes
Pause Yes Yes Yes
Duration Yes Yes Yes
Other icons Yes No No

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