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Learn DRAKON in 60 seconds

by Stepan Mitkin

27 May 2018

The DRAKON language is a precise tool for thinking. Professionals use DRAKON to solve complex technical and organizational problems. Nevertheless, learning the basics of DRAKON does not take much time.

This is how to make a DRAKON flowchart:

  • Take a procedure.
  • Break up the procedure into steps.
  • Put each step into a separate icon.

There are only two types of steps in a procedure: orders and questions.

  • Put the orders in Action icons.
  • Put the questions in Question icons.
  • Follow the rule: one icon—one thought.
A procedure consists of orders and questions
A procedure consists of orders and questions

That's it.

That was the core of the DRAKON language. Besides the Action and Question icons, DRAKON has other means of expression, but those means play a supplementary role.

The critical thing is to identify the procedures and then split them into orders and questions.

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