How to share diagrams and build a team

How to share a diagram

How do I share a diagram with others?

Just send the address of the diagram to the persons you choose:

  • Open the diagram.
  • Copy the link from the address bar of the browser.
  • Paste the link into a message, a blog post, etc.

However, it's not going to work out-of-the-box because, by default, your diagrams are private. Only you can see them.

There are two ways to make a diagram accessible to others:

  • Make the project where the diagram resides public. Then anyone will be able to read the diagram.
  • Give access to the project only to specific users.

Access is set for projects, not diagrams

In DrakonHub, you manage access rights at the level of a project, not for individual diagrams or folders.

For example, if you grant Write access to project proj_x to user Amelia.Bones, Amelia.Bones will be able to create, edit, and delete all diagrams in project proj_x.

How to control access to a project

In order to control access rights to a project, you must be an administrator in that project. There are several ways to get to the "Access rights" dialog.

Right-click on the project in the tree view and click "Access rights".

Open Access rights dialog from the tree view in DrakonHub
Open Access rights dialog from the tree view in DrakonHub

Or, click the "gear" icon on the project line in the Projects list.

Open Access rights dialog from the project list in DrakonHub
Open Access rights dialog from the the project list in DrakonHub

The "Access rights" dialog.

Access rights dialog in DrakonHub
Access rights dialog in DrakonHub

Public projects

By default, your projects are not visible to the outside world. If you send someone a link to your diagram, they will get an "Access denied" error when they try to open that link.

If you want to publish your diagram so that everyone could read it, make the project that contains the diagram public. To do that, check the "Public project" checkbox in the "Access rights" dialog.

This way, people will not have to register at DrakonHub to see your drawings.

Please note that all diagrams in a public project are visible to everyone on the internet. However, no one besides you will be able to change or delete the diagrams.

Give access to specific users

You can choose to share your projects with only your team. Then, you and your colleagues will be able to edit diagrams together.

Here is how to build a team:

  1. Tell your team members to create user accounts with DrakonHub.
  2. Create the projects.
  3. Grant access to your projects to the team members.
An example of team work in DrakonHub
An example of team work in DrakonHub



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