Your visual knowledge base

Free online diagram software: flowcharts, mind maps, checklists, etc.


Your visual knowledge base

Free online diagram software: flowcharts,
mind maps, checklists, etc.

Examples: Dow.Jones, Mr-Tesla, kitty_2

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Diagramming is different with DrakonHub

Lean flowcharts

Flowcharts in DrakonHub follow the ergonomic standards from the aerospace industry. These standards rid diagrams of the visual noise.

More expressive power

Show the happy path with the skewer. Break up the diagram into its logical parts with the silhouette. Show implicit connections with the common fate.

How DRAKON improves flowcharts
How DRAKON improves flowcharts

Better mind maps

Add order to your mind maps. Make the structure of the diagram apparent at first glance.

A well-visible structure will help the reader see how each item relates to its parent, siblings, and children.

How DRAKON improves mind maps

Who uses DrakonHub?


Dearth of order kills efficiency and destroys profit. Chaos in business annoys both the customers and employees.

Eliminate the pandemonium with business procedures.

Create visual business procedures in DRAKON. Your employees will know precisely what to do and when.

Software developers

Sketch the program before coding. Update the sketch during development.

This sketch will give you the clarity that will accelerate your work. In half a year, the sketch will help you recall all the subtleties and complications of the program.

Accumulate the records of your solutions to software problems.

Development managers

Get the developers to understand their tasks unambiguously. A DRAKON flowchart is a simple way to explain how a complex system will work.

Diagrams document the knowledge about the project in a concise way. Keep the ownership of this knowledge, don't let the developers bury it in the source code.

Those who learn new things

Even seasoned professionals have to learn new skills regularly. A vast amount of information is hard to read and understand. Remembering it is even harder.

Visual summaries come to the rescue.

A visual summary is a condensed essence of complex text in the form of diagrams. Such an essence shows the fundamental concepts and relations.

Draw visual summaries in DrakonHub, study efficiently.

A quick drawing process

Don't worry about lines. Add the boxes, and DrakonHub will draw the lines for you. Besides, there is no need for pixel hunting. Insert elements accurately with one click. DrakonHub takes care of alignment, centering, and spacing.

Fast diagram editing in DrakonHub

Raymond Løberg, software developer

It is one of the few editors that can compete with pen-and-paper

The biggest strength is how quickly I'm able to sketch out my thoughts in a diagram. I do not have to worry about formatting or alignment.

Markus G, CTO/CEO, industrial automation

A real great and easy tool to describe your software graphically

Even quick and dirty drawings get a perfect shape in minutes. The tool is smoothly pushing you to sort your punch of ideas in well-ordered wired way.

Alan Lucero, product team lead

It's about being able to explain complex ideas to others

Fantastic tool for creating complex diagrams in just a couple of minutes. It saves me many hours.

More than just drawings

DrakonHub automatically creates links between diagrams. These links turn fragmented diagrams into an interconnected knowledge base.

DrakonHub creates links between diagrams
DrakonHub automatically links diagrams
DrakonHub supports multi-level checklists


DrakonHub will turn any diagram into a checklist.

Create either short or multi-part checklists.

Your attention to detail will scare your peers.

Forget what it means to forget to do something.

Checklists in DrakonHub


Send a link to your diagram. Better show once than tell a thousand times.

Edit diagrams with your colleagues in real-time.

Support for phones and tablets

Draw diagrams on your phone everywhere and any time.

Get the most out of your iPad and Microsoft Surface.

DrakonHub runs in the browser, no need to install any app.